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A Sweet Little Geranium

A sweet little “Geranium Dress”

for a sweet little girl.



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Doll Quilt Swap Part Deux

And now the end is near” sings Frank Sinatra. That just popped in to my head as I was starting to write this post.


Well here it is. I really loved making this little quilt, especially the woven background. It was such fun. I look forward to using this technique again. Maybe a spiral next time. My partner loves birds, hope she likes these ones.

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Doll Quilt Swap

I was one of many people that was lucky enough to be chosen to participate in the Doll Quilt Swap 14. I am having so much fun making this quilt, I just have to show you a sneek preview!

Too fun!!

and even more fun….will show you more…..maybe tomorrow

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Happy Happy New Year

Hello…hellooooo…anyone out there. Well I guess it has been a while since I have done any blogging. I am also quite remiss in taking pics of projects that I have completed. How silly is that. Well 2014 is a new year and oops I forgot to take pics of the 4 Scrappy Trip Around the World blocks that I finished today. Well, take a picture then you say. I already double sealed the envelopes with tape. Yikes…blog, take pictures, try and be reasonably witty, can I do it?? Only time will tell. Hope you come and visit me again!!

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Virtual Quilting Bees are awesome.  You learn how to do so many different blocks and you get to see other peoples choices of fabrics and how they go together.  I have loved beeeeing (little humor there) in them.  Alas it is time for me to work on some of the UFO’s that I have piling up around me.  I will be staying on in one bee until January when my year is up.  These are some of the  last blocks that I made.

This was a really fun star to make.  Easy too.


The person that I made these for is using them for the border of a quilt she has already made.  Cooll heh!! (My Canadian is showing again)

This is called the “Lizzy” block cuz I made it up.  I am sure there is an actual name for it, but I did make it out of my head.

I really like these blocks that are made out of small squares.  I have made quite a few in different bees I have been in.

Happy quilting!!!

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Double Wedding Ring Part 3 and 4 and 5 and 6 and …….

I’mmm back.  I have been MIQ (missing in quilting) for mmmmm..I’d say about 5 weeks now.  Well let me tell you what I have been doing.  I decided it was time to start and finish my PB and her HP’s Double Wedding Ring quilt, so every spare minute that I had went in to making it.  And ta da, it went to the quilter yesterday.  I really meant to take more pictures of the process but guess I was just chugging along and I forgot.

The curved pieces sewn together

Half a football sewn together. That’s just what I called them cuz to me they look like footballs.

Sewing the other half of the football on.

Football complete

Awww…some picking out to do.  There was a bit of that!!

Two….two footballs sewn together..Waahaahaahaa.  Doesn’t that sound like the Count from Sesame Street.  Well that’s what I heard in my head.

Lots of footballs!!!

Rows on the design wall.

That’s it for now. Will show you the quilt when I get it back from the quilter and I have the binding on it.

You know it’s amazing.  I spent a lot of time on this quilt and enjoyed every single minute of it. I thought a lot about PB and I thought about her life with her HP.  I find that some times when I am working on a quilt, I get tired of the same old, same old, but that didn’t happen with this one.  It really was an amazing experience filled with many happy thoughts and memories.  A quilt truly made with love.

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Hoopsisters Trunk Show

Hoopsisters here we come.  Joan and I and 2 of our quilty friends that are doing the Mystery Quilt from Hoopsisters took a road trip out to Tom’s Sewing Machines out in Surrey  to see a trunk show featuring the Hoopsisters patterns.  It was great and of course I had to come home with some new patterns…oh and just a tiny bit of material.  They have a batik of the month club and this months fabric was to die for so I just had to join.  Right!!

So now on with the show…

How cute is this!!

I had to have this one..

And this one..

Didn’t buy this one…yet

Got this one…

This is the back of the following picture.  Joan and I are both making this one.  It’s called Goose Tracks

I love this one.  It’s on my have to have list.

And last but not least…I got this one.

The pictures don’t do the quilts justice.  They really are beautiful to see

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Quilt for Canuck Place Part 2

I am really pleased how the quilt for Canuck Place turned out.  There was to be 15 quilts presented to Canuck Place but it’s looking like there are going to be quite a few more.  And what a worthy cause it is…Way to go Raye for coming up with such a good idea.

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Two More Blocks

This is the July block for A Twist on Tradition.  It is titled “Crown of Thorns”  Nice eh!!! (that’s my Canadian showing)

This next one is for Lael in Alabama and she wanted a wonky star

If you are ever thinking of joining a Virtual Quilting Bee….do!!!  You learn so much. And you get to do blocks that you have never even heard of and you will also find that you will be putting a lot of them on your “to do” list cuz they are just that cool!!

Just don’t do what I did.  I thought if one bee was fun…then why not join 6 more. Took me a while but I am now down to 4 and will be taking a year or so off after I finish this round.  7 is a lot for me and I am finding that my projects are piling up.

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Wedding Ring Quilt Part Two

Oh my, oh my, oh my, where does time go. I couldn’t believe just how far back I had to go to find WR Part One.  I am so lucky that my PB is so patient and that our weather has finally turned super hot (well it’s super hot to me) and all you need or want right now is a sheet covering you.  So the pieces are all cut out.  All 2,016 of them. I used my oh so fabulous “Accuquilt Go Cutter”.  If I didn’t have that I might still be cutting.  It is such a treasure.

So we’re off….yeah!!!  I have started to strip piece the first 2 pieces…will show you my progress as I go along. And no, it will not be xxxxx months.  I am aiming to be done by the end of August.

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