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Happy Canada Day!!!!

Happy Canada Day!!!!

We spent the day with our PB and her HP at Capilano Suspension Bridge and then on to Grouse Mountain. What a fun way to celebrate Canada’s birthday.

Gee, I guess other people thought it was a good idea too..

Aren’t our newlyweds so cute!!

They say it will hold a whole shwack of elephants, so I guess it’s okay!!

Yeh!!…Treetop adventures. I’ll be Jane..

Look up….waaaaaayy up

There must be a quilt in there. don’tcha think?

Next up, the lumberjack show at Grouse Mountain.  Look up…waaaaay up!!

Lions and tiger and bears, oh my!!

These 2 bears were rescued as cubs when they lost there mothers and have been living up here on Grouse Mountain for about 10 years.  I don’t think I have ever been this close to a grizzly bear….or any bear for that matter.

On to the raptor show.  Isn’t this guy beautiful. He is the runt of the litter at 6 pounds, his sister weighed in at 12.

My HP at the Cleveland Dam on the Capilano River in North Vancouver.  We hiked down to the fish hatchery which was great…not so great on the 1km hike back up.  Oh well, guess it wore off my Treetop fudge from the suspension bridge gift shop.

Hope you all had a great Canada Day, we sure did!!

Happy July 4th on Monday to our neighbours to the south!!


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Quilts for Canuck Place

Joan and her sister Val of Maple Leaf Quilters came up with a great idea to make 16 quilts for the 16 games the Vancouver Canucks would have to play to win the Stanley Cup.  What an awesome idea!! The Canucks did not win the cup but they put up a valiant effort and made it to the very last game.  These quilts are being donated to Canuck Place here in Vancouver.  Way to go Joan and Val!!

Joan busy cutting the fabric.

Embroidery ready to add to the quilts.

Such intense concentration Jackie…

Me, sewing…

Don’t you love strip piecing!!

Will show you the finished product…hopefully later this week.


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Western Washington Shop Hop

What fun!! Joan and I set off at 8:15 for our first ever shop hop.

We had our brochure and trusty “Shirly” (my gps) to lead the way.

Our first stop was in Lynden and I was so excited, I leaped out of the car and forgot to turn the engine off.  That set the mood for the day.  A lot of laughs and a whole lot of fun!!!

Here’s the store and as you can see….I didn’t run in  to it.  Actually I think this was the last of 3 stores that we stopped at in Lynden.  I didn’t run in to the first one either.

This is downtown Lynden.  Cool windmill huh!!

Now we are in Bellingham at Fourth Corner Quilts and Joan is showing us how quilting should be done.  “Shouldn’t you take off your sunglasses Joan?”

This is a fire hydrant all ready for July 4th in Anacortes.

Anacortes again…..wouldn’t this make a cute little quilt?

On our way to Oak Harbor we stopped and took a picture of Deception Pass…pretty heh!! (my canadianese is showing)

Gathering Fabrics is in Woodinvale.  Look at the cute little banner.  I felt like a star when we parked here.  There was a policeman and he moved a red traffic cone to let me park right in front of the store…cool heh!!

This is the shop hop display in Gathering Fabrics. So cute !!

Next on our list, Keepsake Cottage Fabrics in Bothell

Look at this little guy outside Keepsake Cottage Fabrics

And his cousin!!!

Joan fell in love with the idea of making an umbrella out of fabric.  Soooo…we are going back to The Needle and I mid-July and we are going to make one.  Exciting!!

This little mat was in Aunt Mary’s Quilt Shop.  What a great idea!!

Don’t you love the duck outside The Quiltmakers Shop in Arlington.

And here is my shop hop loot…a magazine, material for blocks, announcements of classes coming up…be still my heart

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Bzzzzzzzz…bee blocks

That time again. Making Bee Blocks.  The following one is for PBEE & J

This one is made from the tutorial at scrap vomit quilt along –  Block B.  It’s a keeper….going on my todo list.

I can’t resist he is just so darn cute!!!  Not too thrilled about the bow..

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Messenger Bag Workshop Part Deux

The night that I got home from the messenger bag workshop we were having a birthday dinner for Number One Son. So of course I had to show off what I had done that day to my PB and my DIL.  When I was doing the prework for the course,  I was thinking to myself “oh PB will not like this fabric”.  Maybe if she likes mine I will make her one of her own. Well lo and behold she did like the fabric  and she loved the purse even though it wasn’t even complete. So…seeing that she loved it will just have to be hers.

Cute heh!!

And here it is unfolded.

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Bee Blocks for A Twist on Tradition

Last night I finished 2 bee blocks for “Flightin” in the Twist on Tradition Bee Group.  This lovely lady lives in Guernsey.  How cool is that??

Black and White is always nice isn’t it??

And here we have red and white…I think I like it better

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Yeah!!!! It’s done!!!

I finished the Buggy Barn “Crazy Cats” quilt for my sisters birthday. A little late. But It is finished and mailed.  Yeah!! I love making quilts but I get to a part in the process of doing something I have never done before or don’t do very often and I stop.  This can be for anywhere from a day to a couple of weeks.  Then I finally get my nerve up again and continue on.  Well that happened with this quilt when I was quilting it.  For some reason, I feel the need to do a pattern that is more complicated than is necessary and then I stop.  Hopefully I learned this time. 

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Messenger Bag Workshop

On Saturday, the Boundary Bay Quilters Guild offered a Messenger Bag Workshop presented by Agnes Rhim.  Agnes is an awesome teacher and it was a fun workshop

Here is Agnes doing one of her demonstrations during the class:

You can see the bag handles that she brough for us to purchase.  It was so nice not to have to wonder where to get them.

You can see that she is showing us how to sew them on in this next picture.

Here we all are with our bags in different stages of completion.  It was really nice to be almost done a project by the end of the workshop.

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The One…The Only….Mary Lou Weidman

Last week I had the most amazing opportunity to take  a class from The One…The Only…Mary Lou Weidman.  It truly was amazing.  Mary Lou has written numerous books and she looks just like the pictures in the books.  I was star struck.  I’m not kidding.  It was better than meeting a movie star. The class took place at the hall across from the

the LaConner Quilt Museum.  It is even more beautiful inside.

Some of Mary Lou’s quilts were on display in the museum.  So, the first order of business in our class was to go over to the Quilt Museum and talk about how a story quilt is created. The pictures of these quilts in her books cannot begin to compare to actually seeing the real thing.  The colors, the subject, the detail, WOW!!!!

This is the quilt that Mary Lou made after returning from a stay in  Santa Fe, New Mexico.  Every time I looked at this quilt I would see something else.

This is Mary Lou’s family taking a vacation to see the relatives.  Check out the crown on her head.  I definitely had tiara envy.

Back to class and here is Stephanie (one of a bona fide Mary Lou groupie twosome) with her own tiara getting ready to create.

Here is Mary Lou showing us how to create a block

Me and my new idol holding one of her quiltsDon’t you just love her!!!

This is Pat and her stash, actually just a tiny bit of Pat’s stash.  She had promised to send me a picture of her quilting room.  Be still my heart.

One of the exercises that we did was to cut out a shape that Mary Lou had drawn on the board. Pretty funny heh!!!

Here we all are at the end of 3 days with a sample of what we have done.

Look at Nancy, Linda and Pat’s flower pots.  Very cool!!  Can you see my bird??

I would recommend this class to everybody.  It was great!!!

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Almost done

I have been sewing and quilting and sewing and quilting and quilting and quilting. I am almost finished the quilting.  I really really wanted to get this quilt completed in time for my sisters birthday…..but alas….I still have some more quilting to finish and then put the binding on.

This is before all the sewing and quilting and quilting and sewing….you get the idea.

I will finish it this weekend and show you a new picture.

I couldn’t resist.  I thought he just looked so darn cute.  Darby on Duty…The Protector of House and Home

Again, just too cute not to show you. Clyde….mmmm…doing what cats do best.  Clyde resting up for his shift at Guard duty.  Yeah right!!!

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