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A Sweet Little Geranium

A sweet little “Geranium Dress”

for a sweet little girl.



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Doll Quilt Swap Part Deux

And now the end is near” sings Frank Sinatra. That just popped in to my head as I was starting to write this post.


Well here it is. I really loved making this little quilt, especially the woven background. It was such fun. I look forward to using this technique again. Maybe a spiral next time. My partner loves birds, hope she likes these ones.

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Doll Quilt Swap

I was one of many people that was lucky enough to be chosen to participate in the Doll Quilt Swap 14. I am having so much fun making this quilt, I just have to show you a sneek preview!

Too fun!!

and even more fun….will show you more…..maybe tomorrow

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Happy Happy New Year

Hello…hellooooo…anyone out there. Well I guess it has been a while since I have done any blogging. I am also quite remiss in taking pics of projects that I have completed. How silly is that. Well 2014 is a new year and oops I forgot to take pics of the 4 Scrappy Trip Around the World blocks that I finished today. Well, take a picture then you say. I already double sealed the envelopes with tape. Yikes…blog, take pictures, try and be reasonably witty, can I do it?? Only time will tell. Hope you come and visit me again!!

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I’m Back……

Oh my, it has been a while since I last posted.  Time just seems to fly by.  At the beginning of May I attended a Cinqo de Mayo Sewing Day. There were 8 of us and we started the day by making string pot holders.  We had each brought 8-10 strips of fabric to share with others.  What fun and such interesting pot holders. We then continued on with whatever we had brought to sew on.

Here is Dawn working on her pot holder.

This is our lovely Mexican senorita, Shelley.

Me and my SewBee friend Ruth.

And last but definitely not least, our awesome chefs Kadi and Mike.  Our lunch was amazing and oh so Mexican.

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Pooh Quilt

I mentioned a while ago that I was making a Pooh quilt for my PB’s new sister-in-law.  I had a deadline of April 1 cuz PB was going to a baby shower on the 3rd.  My project at the Sewing Day was the “Pooh Quilt”.  I got a lot of it done there.  I still had to sew a couple of squares and then sew the top together.  Oh yeh….then I made the back.  Ran out of the light brown fabric.  Luckily I was able to pickup 2 more fat quarters which was just enough for the binding.

Ta da…I do say that a lot don’t I??? How about Shazam!!! Here is my oh so beautiful “Pooh” baby quilt.  I used a pattern, but what was so cool was that I scanned my fabric in to EQ7.  Then I drew the pattern and played around with the layout.  I am just a beginner in EQ so it took me a while but I loved being able to get a really good idea of what the quilt would look like.

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Did I tell You??

Whoops, I think I forgot to tell you about the awesome present that my HP got me for Christmas.  Take a look…..

at my new and oh so beautiful Accuquilt Go Cutter.  Isn’t she so pretty.

So now with the help of this….

The Wedding Ring Quilt should be sooo much easier.  Well once I figure out how I am supposed to cut it. This should be fun.

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Great Giveaway

Just wanted to let you know that there is a great giveaway over at Stash Manicure. Check it out.

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QAL (quilt-a-long)

QAL, an acronym for quilt-a-long.  Boy I am really getting in the know. This is so fun.  I completed Week#3 a couple of days ago. Watched “Lost” and did my ironing.  Then the next day I cut out my pieces.  They are so pretty.  Today I put the block together.  Oh, I am so loving this QAL.  Thank you, thank you “crazy mom quilts”.

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