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Quilt for Canuck Place Part 2

I am really pleased how the quilt for Canuck Place turned out.  There was to be 15 quilts presented to Canuck Place but it’s looking like there are going to be quite a few more.  And what a worthy cause it is…Way to go Raye for coming up with such a good idea.


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Quilts for Canuck Place

Joan and her sister Val of Maple Leaf Quilters came up with a great idea to make 16 quilts for the 16 games the Vancouver Canucks would have to play to win the Stanley Cup.  What an awesome idea!! The Canucks did not win the cup but they put up a valiant effort and made it to the very last game.  These quilts are being donated to Canuck Place here in Vancouver.  Way to go Joan and Val!!

Joan busy cutting the fabric.

Embroidery ready to add to the quilts.

Such intense concentration Jackie…

Me, sewing…

Don’t you love strip piecing!!

Will show you the finished product…hopefully later this week.


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Western Washington Shop Hop

What fun!! Joan and I set off at 8:15 for our first ever shop hop.

We had our brochure and trusty “Shirly” (my gps) to lead the way.

Our first stop was in Lynden and I was so excited, I leaped out of the car and forgot to turn the engine off.  That set the mood for the day.  A lot of laughs and a whole lot of fun!!!

Here’s the store and as you can see….I didn’t run in  to it.  Actually I think this was the last of 3 stores that we stopped at in Lynden.  I didn’t run in to the first one either.

This is downtown Lynden.  Cool windmill huh!!

Now we are in Bellingham at Fourth Corner Quilts and Joan is showing us how quilting should be done.  “Shouldn’t you take off your sunglasses Joan?”

This is a fire hydrant all ready for July 4th in Anacortes.

Anacortes again…..wouldn’t this make a cute little quilt?

On our way to Oak Harbor we stopped and took a picture of Deception Pass…pretty heh!! (my canadianese is showing)

Gathering Fabrics is in Woodinvale.  Look at the cute little banner.  I felt like a star when we parked here.  There was a policeman and he moved a red traffic cone to let me park right in front of the store…cool heh!!

This is the shop hop display in Gathering Fabrics. So cute !!

Next on our list, Keepsake Cottage Fabrics in Bothell

Look at this little guy outside Keepsake Cottage Fabrics

And his cousin!!!

Joan fell in love with the idea of making an umbrella out of fabric.  Soooo…we are going back to The Needle and I mid-July and we are going to make one.  Exciting!!

This little mat was in Aunt Mary’s Quilt Shop.  What a great idea!!

Don’t you love the duck outside The Quiltmakers Shop in Arlington.

And here is my shop hop loot…a magazine, material for blocks, announcements of classes coming up…be still my heart

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A Tiny Peek of What’s Up With DQS 10

Just a little peek of what I am doing for my quilt for the DQS 10.  My partner is a girl after my own heart who loves bright and cheery colors. So……….bring on the bright and cheery colors!!

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A Very Special Day

Today was a very special day.  It was the most beautiful, amazing, wonderful, loving,….did I say amazing?? little girls 6th birthday.  Yes, our amazing (see I did it again) Grandbabies 6th birthday!! Oh my, wasn’t it just yesterday she was this teeny tiny bundle of angel fluff?? So….the day started at 7:oo.  Had kind of a late night so that was a very early morning.  I was given the honor of making Angel Fluff’s birthday cake.  Now what does she want???well let me tell you. She would like a Ben Ten birthday cake.  What’s that you say??? Mmmmhhh…that’s what I said.  So off to the internet I go to see what I can find.  Ta

Da!!! this is what I came up with.

Oh yeah…I forgot to tell you that there were 24 kids invited to the party. Yes…. 24 6 year olds. So I made 2

As we know all artistse’s are sometimes messy when they create.  I must be some artiste cuz I made a doozy of a mess.  Black icing was everywhere. Even on the milk jug.

Luckily my HP came to the rescue and helped ….well actually he did  all the cleanup.  That’s why he’s my HP.

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Doll Quilt Swap 10!!!!!!


I can’t believe it!!!!!!

Oh my goodness…..pick me up off the floor!!!!!!

I got picked to be a participant in THE OH so FABULOUS …….Doll Quilt Swap!!!!!

Is that the best or what????

Oh so cute…did I tell you that I had been picked to be in the swap…oh..I did already..

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Tree Skirt

TaDa, actually, it probably should be pa rumpa pum pum…here is the finished tree skirt (Christmas Traditions in Stained Glass by Bear Paw Productions  by Brenda Henning) that we started at the SewBee’s retreat.  It is actually for PB (formerly DD, but she’s getting married in 7 days so she is going to be Princess Bride for a while.) but she didn’t think it would fit under her tree so I got to use it this year.  

Looks pretty good it I do say so myself.  Nothing like patting yourself on the back….

Hope you all had a lovely Christmas…we sure did.

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Retreat Prep

I am so excited!!! I am going on my first ever retreat…Yeah!!! In the front is some goodies to share and in the back is my quilters medication.  Yup, you read it right.  That’s what was on my list of thing to bring….

We are going to have so much fun.  And quilt until we drop…

I’ll tell you all about it when I get back on Sunday…

A quilting we will go, a quilting we will go…..

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The Dress Is Here

DD and I ventured forth to pick up her beautiful, gorgeous, lovely, incredible, awesome wedding dress at Cascade Mall in ??? not sure what city it’s in.  I just know how to get there.  We also got the cutest little top for her top wear outside so she doesn’t freeze to death. And a necklace and earrings that are delicate and absolutely perfect.  Drum rolllllll  please.  We also got opera gloves with the same lace as is on her dress on the edge!!!! She is going  to look…..well there just isn’t a word to describe how beautiful she will be…maybe magical fits.  Yup, magical works.  Now for a peek!!!Silly you!!!! Her lovey might see……

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Finally Finished-Rainbow Star Quilt

I finished this quilt just in time to pass it on to my friend Joan to take to the Boundary Bay Quilters Guild Quilt Show on Oct 1/2 2010.  I am really pleased with the way it turned out.    I love the minky on the back.  Soooo soft!!! The only thing I would do differently is that I would definitely use a heavier thread when quilting… Think I will go over what I have done with a heavier thread.  I think that would make me happy.  No…I know that would make me happier.

You know how something just kinda bugs you until it’s just right.

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