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Hoopsisters Trunk Show

Hoopsisters here we come.  Joan and I and 2 of our quilty friends that are doing the Mystery Quilt from Hoopsisters took a road trip out to Tom’s Sewing Machines out in Surrey  to see a trunk show featuring the Hoopsisters patterns.  It was great and of course I had to come home with some new patterns…oh and just a tiny bit of material.  They have a batik of the month club and this months fabric was to die for so I just had to join.  Right!!

So now on with the show…

How cute is this!!

I had to have this one..

And this one..

Didn’t buy this one…yet

Got this one…

This is the back of the following picture.  Joan and I are both making this one.  It’s called Goose Tracks

I love this one.  It’s on my have to have list.

And last but not least…I got this one.

The pictures don’t do the quilts justice.  They really are beautiful to see


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Western Washington Shop Hop

What fun!! Joan and I set off at 8:15 for our first ever shop hop.

We had our brochure and trusty “Shirly” (my gps) to lead the way.

Our first stop was in Lynden and I was so excited, I leaped out of the car and forgot to turn the engine off.  That set the mood for the day.  A lot of laughs and a whole lot of fun!!!

Here’s the store and as you can see….I didn’t run in  to it.  Actually I think this was the last of 3 stores that we stopped at in Lynden.  I didn’t run in to the first one either.

This is downtown Lynden.  Cool windmill huh!!

Now we are in Bellingham at Fourth Corner Quilts and Joan is showing us how quilting should be done.  “Shouldn’t you take off your sunglasses Joan?”

This is a fire hydrant all ready for July 4th in Anacortes.

Anacortes again…..wouldn’t this make a cute little quilt?

On our way to Oak Harbor we stopped and took a picture of Deception Pass…pretty heh!! (my canadianese is showing)

Gathering Fabrics is in Woodinvale.  Look at the cute little banner.  I felt like a star when we parked here.  There was a policeman and he moved a red traffic cone to let me park right in front of the store…cool heh!!

This is the shop hop display in Gathering Fabrics. So cute !!

Next on our list, Keepsake Cottage Fabrics in Bothell

Look at this little guy outside Keepsake Cottage Fabrics

And his cousin!!!

Joan fell in love with the idea of making an umbrella out of fabric.  Soooo…we are going back to The Needle and I mid-July and we are going to make one.  Exciting!!

This little mat was in Aunt Mary’s Quilt Shop.  What a great idea!!

Don’t you love the duck outside The Quiltmakers Shop in Arlington.

And here is my shop hop loot…a magazine, material for blocks, announcements of classes coming up…be still my heart

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Wedding Ring Quilt Part One

Oh my…just as I typed the title I was thinking I wonder just how many parts there will be to this fairytale.

So this story begins as all good fairy tales should.  “Once upon a time there was a Princess Bride who met her Handsome Prince and they decided to get married.  Oh my says the evil MIL (mother and mother-in-law, I’m not really evil but I have a really good witch laugh) for your wedding I will make you a wedding ring quilt.  What’s that says PB.  Oh do let me show you say the Beautiful Mother of the Bride (didn’t want to be evil any more).  So they looked together on the magic internet and the PB was very happy to be getting one.  The BMoB tried to buy the fabric but wanted it to be perfect so she asked PB to come and pick out her colors.  Off they went on their adventure to the Enchanted Quilt store where the Fairy Godquilter was oh so helpful.  The PB loved everything and found it very hard to pick just 8 colors, so she picked 10.

*******to be continued******

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Vancouver Modern Quilt Guild

Went to the second meeting of the Vancouver Modern Quilt Guild last Thursday with my friend and fellow quilter Joan.  Actually our first stop was a new quilting store in Burnaby called The Needle & I Quilt Shop.

We got to meet Debbie Miller, the owner of the store, who is a very nice lady.  Actually that’s true of all quilters, right?

She has some lovely fabric and is getting more in weekly.What a cute little store.  She is also a Pfaff dealer and has a longarm quilting machine in her front window.  As I absolutely love my Pfaff machine I was thrilled to find that out.  I spent quite a bit of time drooling over the longarm.  Maybe one day…

Next we were off to the meeting.  It was great.  I am sorry that I don’t have any pictures for you, but there are great ones on the Vancouver Modern Quilt Guild website. There were 47 people at the meeting and what a great group of people they were.  Holly Broadland started the guild and as I said it is just the 2nd meeting so was talking about what needed to be done to get the guild up and running.  She is so enthusiastic as are a lot of other people so I can definitely see this as a guild that I will be very happy that I have joined.  If you have had a chance to look at the quilts that were brought for “show and tell” ….aren’t they awesome.  I was sitting there saying to myself.  Oh I’d like to make that one and that one and that one.  Oh my….I have my next 20 years planned.

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