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Yes. my guilty pleasure is quilting


Virtual Quilting Bees are awesome.  You learn how to do so many different blocks and you get to see other peoples choices of fabrics and how they go together.  I have loved beeeeing (little humor there) in them.  Alas it is time for me to work on some of the UFO’s that I have piling up around me.  I will be staying on in one bee until January when my year is up.  These are some of the  last blocks that I made.

This was a really fun star to make.  Easy too.


The person that I made these for is using them for the border of a quilt she has already made.  Cooll heh!! (My Canadian is showing again)

This is called the “Lizzy” block cuz I made it up.  I am sure there is an actual name for it, but I did make it out of my head.

I really like these blocks that are made out of small squares.  I have made quite a few in different bees I have been in.

Happy quilting!!!


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Double Wedding Ring Part 3 and 4 and 5 and 6 and …….

I’mmm back.  I have been MIQ (missing in quilting) for mmmmm..I’d say about 5 weeks now.  Well let me tell you what I have been doing.  I decided it was time to start and finish my PB and her HP’s Double Wedding Ring quilt, so every spare minute that I had went in to making it.  And ta da, it went to the quilter yesterday.  I really meant to take more pictures of the process but guess I was just chugging along and I forgot.

The curved pieces sewn together

Half a football sewn together. That’s just what I called them cuz to me they look like footballs.

Sewing the other half of the football on.

Football complete

Awww…some picking out to do.  There was a bit of that!!

Two….two footballs sewn together..Waahaahaahaa.  Doesn’t that sound like the Count from Sesame Street.  Well that’s what I heard in my head.

Lots of footballs!!!

Rows on the design wall.

That’s it for now. Will show you the quilt when I get it back from the quilter and I have the binding on it.

You know it’s amazing.  I spent a lot of time on this quilt and enjoyed every single minute of it. I thought a lot about PB and I thought about her life with her HP.  I find that some times when I am working on a quilt, I get tired of the same old, same old, but that didn’t happen with this one.  It really was an amazing experience filled with many happy thoughts and memories.  A quilt truly made with love.

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Two More Blocks

This is the July block for A Twist on Tradition.  It is titled “Crown of Thorns”  Nice eh!!! (that’s my Canadian showing)

This next one is for Lael in Alabama and she wanted a wonky star

If you are ever thinking of joining a Virtual Quilting Bee….do!!!  You learn so much. And you get to do blocks that you have never even heard of and you will also find that you will be putting a lot of them on your “to do” list cuz they are just that cool!!

Just don’t do what I did.  I thought if one bee was fun…then why not join 6 more. Took me a while but I am now down to 4 and will be taking a year or so off after I finish this round.  7 is a lot for me and I am finding that my projects are piling up.

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Bzzzzzzzz…bee blocks

That time again. Making Bee Blocks.  The following one is for PBEE & J

This one is made from the tutorial at scrap vomit quilt along –  Block B.  It’s a keeper….going on my todo list.

I can’t resist he is just so darn cute!!!  Not too thrilled about the bow..

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Bee Blocks for A Twist on Tradition

Last night I finished 2 bee blocks for “Flightin” in the Twist on Tradition Bee Group.  This lovely lady lives in Guernsey.  How cool is that??

Black and White is always nice isn’t it??

And here we have red and white…I think I like it better

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The One…The Only….Mary Lou Weidman

Last week I had the most amazing opportunity to take  a class from The One…The Only…Mary Lou Weidman.  It truly was amazing.  Mary Lou has written numerous books and she looks just like the pictures in the books.  I was star struck.  I’m not kidding.  It was better than meeting a movie star. The class took place at the hall across from the

the LaConner Quilt Museum.  It is even more beautiful inside.

Some of Mary Lou’s quilts were on display in the museum.  So, the first order of business in our class was to go over to the Quilt Museum and talk about how a story quilt is created. The pictures of these quilts in her books cannot begin to compare to actually seeing the real thing.  The colors, the subject, the detail, WOW!!!!

This is the quilt that Mary Lou made after returning from a stay in  Santa Fe, New Mexico.  Every time I looked at this quilt I would see something else.

This is Mary Lou’s family taking a vacation to see the relatives.  Check out the crown on her head.  I definitely had tiara envy.

Back to class and here is Stephanie (one of a bona fide Mary Lou groupie twosome) with her own tiara getting ready to create.

Here is Mary Lou showing us how to create a block

Me and my new idol holding one of her quiltsDon’t you just love her!!!

This is Pat and her stash, actually just a tiny bit of Pat’s stash.  She had promised to send me a picture of her quilting room.  Be still my heart.

One of the exercises that we did was to cut out a shape that Mary Lou had drawn on the board. Pretty funny heh!!!

Here we all are at the end of 3 days with a sample of what we have done.

Look at Nancy, Linda and Pat’s flower pots.  Very cool!!  Can you see my bird??

I would recommend this class to everybody.  It was great!!!

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The Bees Are a Buzzing

Nothing like waiting til the last minute to make your blocks.  At least they are April blocks and they will be mailed before the end of April.  Maybe on the last day, but that’s still April.  Right!!

This one is going all the way to Australia.  Circles were requested.  Just use your imagination.  This was fun cuz I used my Accuqult Go cutter which I love love love.

This fabric was so pretty, especially combined with the white.

And last but definitely not least…who doesn’t love Castle Peeps fabric.

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Hoopsisters Goose Track

Man, is doing the Hoopsisters Goose Tracks quilt blocks ever fun.  You do the square in an embroidery hoop on your sewing machine and embroider it at the same time.  The course was offered at Fourth Corner Quilts in Bellingham and my friend Joan is taking it with me.

Here are our first 2 blocks.  Guess which one is mine.  Of course it’s the bright purple and pink one you silly!!!

This is the sample of the quilt that they have in the store.  How cool is that???

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It’s Been A While

It’s been a while since I last posted on my blog.  I have been busy sewing and quilting.  I set myself deadlines for a few projects that I had.  Well actually deadlines were kinda set for me.  The good thing is that I “gotter done”

Let me back up a bit and show you the blocks that I completed for my “Bees”.  I was in 7 but have now cut back to 4.  I was getting a little overwhelmed and thought that for now I would complete the bees that have made such beautiful blocks for me and just have one new one.  Yup that’s definitely enough for me for now.

This block is for the Great West North Bee.

This block is for Sally in PBee & J.  Don’t you love the colors and fabric

This one is for Lauree in Bee There or Bee Square.  I love this pattern. Once I figured out that I was making crosses. Silly me..

For Leila at Twist on Tradition

For Amy at It’s Sew Easy Being Green

And last but not least this is for the Great West North bee. Don’t you love these colors and the tutorial was easy peasy. I have added the stacked coins on to my oh so long to do list. I have decided that I’m going to live until I am 195 so that I can make all the quilts on the list.

Not a very flattering pic of our well loved baby, but doesn’t he look like Obi One!!! (It was a very wet walk).



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All Caught Up on February Bee Blocks

Yeah!!!!!! All my February Bee Blocks are done and I have even done one of March’s.  Pretty pleased with myself as you can probably tell.

This block is for Sharon in It’s Sew Easy BEEing green. Different heh!!

This one is for Stephanie in Bee There or Bee Square.  I really like this and have kept the pattern for it.

This one is for Molly in PBee and J.  Swooon!! I love Kaffe Fasset fabric. It was so fun to work with.

And last but definitely not least.  These bright sunshiny blocks for Amber in Sew to Speak.  I love this quilt.

So now off to make the Birdie Sling for my PB.  I have the pattern pieces cut out. Will cut the fabric tomorrow.

Happy sewing to all!!+

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