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The One…The Only….Mary Lou Weidman

Last week I had the most amazing opportunity to take  a class from The One…The Only…Mary Lou Weidman.  It truly was amazing.  Mary Lou has written numerous books and she looks just like the pictures in the books.  I was star struck.  I’m not kidding.  It was better than meeting a movie star. The class took place at the hall across from the

the LaConner Quilt Museum.  It is even more beautiful inside.

Some of Mary Lou’s quilts were on display in the museum.  So, the first order of business in our class was to go over to the Quilt Museum and talk about how a story quilt is created. The pictures of these quilts in her books cannot begin to compare to actually seeing the real thing.  The colors, the subject, the detail, WOW!!!!

This is the quilt that Mary Lou made after returning from a stay in  Santa Fe, New Mexico.  Every time I looked at this quilt I would see something else.

This is Mary Lou’s family taking a vacation to see the relatives.  Check out the crown on her head.  I definitely had tiara envy.

Back to class and here is Stephanie (one of a bona fide Mary Lou groupie twosome) with her own tiara getting ready to create.

Here is Mary Lou showing us how to create a block

Me and my new idol holding one of her quiltsDon’t you just love her!!!

This is Pat and her stash, actually just a tiny bit of Pat’s stash.  She had promised to send me a picture of her quilting room.  Be still my heart.

One of the exercises that we did was to cut out a shape that Mary Lou had drawn on the board. Pretty funny heh!!!

Here we all are at the end of 3 days with a sample of what we have done.

Look at Nancy, Linda and Pat’s flower pots.  Very cool!!  Can you see my bird??

I would recommend this class to everybody.  It was great!!!


May 25, 2011 - Posted by | blocks, classes

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