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Wedding Ring Quilt Part One

Oh my…just as I typed the title I was thinking I wonder just how many parts there will be to this fairytale.

So this story begins as all good fairy tales should.  “Once upon a time there was a Princess Bride who met her Handsome Prince and they decided to get married.  Oh my says the evil MIL (mother and mother-in-law, I’m not really evil but I have a really good witch laugh) for your wedding I will make you a wedding ring quilt.  What’s that says PB.  Oh do let me show you say the Beautiful Mother of the Bride (didn’t want to be evil any more).  So they looked together on the magic internet and the PB was very happy to be getting one.  The BMoB tried to buy the fabric but wanted it to be perfect so she asked PB to come and pick out her colors.  Off they went on their adventure to the Enchanted Quilt store where the Fairy Godquilter was oh so helpful.  The PB loved everything and found it very hard to pick just 8 colors, so she picked 10.

*******to be continued******


February 4, 2011 - Posted by | quilt store, quilts

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  1. Lol you’re hilarious. I’m very much looking forward to the quilt!! I’ve been telling people about it. Everyone is very confused about what a wedding ring quilt is.

    Comment by Ashley | February 11, 2011 | Reply

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